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Tabuchi Electric
A design strategy to target North American homeowners


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Tabuchi Electric, a major manufacturer of solar inverter and battery storage equipment, approached ICI for design guidance addressing the North American market. A longtime supplier to original equipment manufacturers, they understood that they needed to establish a distinctive presence in North America's increasingly consumer-focused solar market.


ICI conducted research with internal stakeholders, subject matter experts, installers and homeowners to extract key insights about the home solar purchasing journey. Our work served as the foundation for a new strategy for communicating the product and brand to homeowners. In order to move the team from strategy to action, we developed a set of communication design principles, style guidelines, and sample designs for Tabuchi's website, physical products, and print collateral.


Project insights and recommendations were key in shifting the mindset of executives with heretofore limited exposure to North American customers. Learnings continue to influence the team's decisions regarding marketing, distribution, and product development.

Tabuchi for North American homeowners is: Approachable, about Energy, Precise, Advanced and Honest.