Future Shared Mobility in North America

Conducting deep investigation to inform and inspire future vehicle design and mobility services


User Research, Discovery Research, Concept Development


The concept for a future shared mobility service targeting a specific customer segment in North America, Research insights and design recommendations based on user interviews, questionnaires, observations, and secondary research.


Design division of a global mobility giant


2 months

With the growth of shared mobility services and EV adoption, a global mobility giant was interested in exploring new service offerings in different regions. Their design division, therefore, reached out to ICI to co‑develop a shared mobility concept targeting the North American market.


The foundation of a compelling business case

Along with the client, we co‑created a future mobility concept with a compelling narrative and evidence showcasing untapped potentials for the particular customer segment we identified together. The concept was well-received by stakeholders within the client’s company, helped them secure resources moving the project forward, and enabled opportunities for provider collaboration.

Design recommendations grounded in user insights

Each design recommendation we provided was novel, actionable, and, most importantly, grounded in our insights from the questionnaire, user interviews, and observations we conducted. They empowered our client’s vehicle design team to create solutions that deliberately and innovatively address real user needs.

A new way of working

We introduced many new practices and tools for research planning, recruitment, and analysis throughout the project. This significantly streamlined the research process and allowed us to conduct more in‑depth investigations into the problem space. We’ve also demonstrated the value and possibilities of remotely collaborating with clients on research projects.