Project BLAID
Design for the Blind & Visually Impaired. Initial concept for a wearable navigation device,  protective case and packaging that enables mobility. 


Design Strategy / Holistic UX Design / Digital & Physical Design

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 Project BLAID is a wearable device that helps the blind and vision-impaired navigate in indoor spaces. ICI worked in partnership with the Toyota Research Institute on the product, which showcases TOYOTA's innovative technology and expertise. ICI developed the initial form factor for BLAID, which utilizes sensors, cameras, speakers, and haptic touch.


We also designed the first use experience, developing packaging and a carrying case for the unique needs of blind and low-vision users. Ethnography and user research at each stage in the project enabled the design of an inclusive and thoughtful experience. The product is currently being developed for beta testing in 2017.

ICI created multiple prototypes and conducted research with the blind and visually impaired community to evolve the design and user experience.
"To me, texture is almost a color. You can feel whether it's rough or smooth, whether its well made or not."