ICI and Springtime work together to help people move further!

Institute for Creative Integration and Springtime Design, an industrial design and branding studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands, have agreed on a strategic partnership alliance to work together in the mobility space.


Both firms share the believe that mobility is freedom and we are passionate about making it more accessible, empowering, and engaging for all people. Urban mobility is a global topic, that is best addressed as such and research after people’s behavioral change is valuable to determine which concepts will be needed and desired in the future.


Leveraging Francisco Bay Area and Amsterdam to our clients:our collective expertise we are empowered to offer the following services in both San

  • To investigate and obtain insights on human and societal behaviors around mobility through field studies.

  • To prototype products and services then test them with the potential users.

  • To run longitudinal studies on people’s behavioral change.

  • To reimagine and create novel mobility products and services.

  • To develop mobility products that we envision, guiding them through manufacturing implementation.

  • To identify partners to which the client should connect to in order to implement a new mobility business model.


Please contact us to discuss how this partnership can benefit your business.