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Cross Culture Cookware

Product Design


Through in-home ethnographic research with American cooks, we explored current values in the cooking experience and openness to Japanese cookware and cooking methods. This design research enabled our team to develop a target persona, redesign the product and create a market strategy, including a proposed accessory line for distribution.

Life Capture



A major camera company wanted to uncover unique perspectives of what and how these everyday events were being recorded. What were the tools, the devices and especially the motivations? By selecting a diverse set of participants, we tapped into the unexpected ways photos and videos were adding value to their lives.​

Taste Makers



Reports are dire: research shows that young people are less interested in buying and owning cars than ever before. Through one-on-one interviews, home visits, lifestyle tours and a group co-creation session, we delved into the worldview of 18 to 25-year-olds. These insights guided design principles for future vehicle development.

New Luxury: Design Inspiration Tour



We led a group of designers from a well-known luxury car brand on an immersive tour of all things bespoke, hand-made, and exquisite in New York + SF + LA. We found luxury redefined at the intersection of time-honored techniques and radically progressive aesthetics. This design tour helped inspire a new vernacular to guide design ideation for this brand.

Flavor Discovery


We took a team of food researchers on a California cuisine inspiration tour and workshop. During the tour, we visited local food purveyors, restaurants, cookware shops, and gourmands at home and at work. In the in-depth workshop that followed, we uncovered food trends and helped focus ideation on a new product category and marketing strategy. This new product line is currently being distributed in test locations.


Strategic Initiative

Our client, Toyota Innovation Hub (TIH), was very interested in jumping into the Bay Area's startup world, but not sure the best way to engage and observe the process. ICI proposed bringing startups in-house to get up close and personal. So we launched COLAB: a collaborative workspace jointly hosted by ICI and TIH. It's an initiative to immerse in the innovative and entrepreneurial community.