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Envision the future through experimentation

MoLAB (Mobility Lab) is a place where members come together to experiment and engage in creative dialogues around the topic of Mobility. Members participate in lab activities and workshops while sharing ideas and inspirations with other members from varied businesses and industries. Through a self-initiated process of design, research, prototyping and validation, MoLab is the place to explore future facing Mobility ideas and concepts.

 At MoLAB the focus is on conceptual and proposal designs, such as self-initiated projects for deeper insight, discourse, intervention or exploration, or created as speculative designs for a client or educational institution. Examples include: future scenarios, design explorations, provocations, and visionary concepts. 

Smile Between Strangers
Enhancing Social Interactions in Urban Spaces
Facial expressions in Car Design
A Method to Compare Relative Importance of Design Attributes
Time, Space & Us
How can we best experience the world?
Experiencing differently
Speculative approach to design research
Social Experiments
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