Personal Mobility Concept
Empowering wheelchair users to explore with confidence

The project attempted to redefine a personal assistive mobility  in a human-centric perspective, and identify relevant design concepts that fit to the real context of use. Contextual observation and interviews with users led the project to coalesce around three goals:


  • Eliminating the stigma of using a wheelchair

  • Empowering wheelchair-bound drivers 

  • Integrating with digital platform


Our final concept was an alternative wheelchair with a clean, modern look that would inspire pride of ownership - a far cry from the bulky, medicalized aesthetic of most mainstream wheelchairs. Since we had identified the transition from wheelchair to car-seat as a major pain point, we designed our chair to latch directly into the car, effectively doubling as a driver's seat. Finally, we developed an app to enhance the chair's functionality, by facilitating navigation inside and outside the home from the unique perspective of a wheelchair user.



Design research / Physical & Digital Design / Holistic UX Design


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