Creative Play Workshop
A four-day workshop teaching the methods and mindset of Play, custom designed for a diverse global staff. 


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 Toyota approached ICI to develop a customized workshop on the topic of Creative Play for select members of it’s global staff. The goal was to cultivate a new way of working that integrates the playful, curiosity-drive and risk-taking mindset that produces innovation and success in Silicon Valley.


ICI developed and hosted a 4-day workshop for a diverse group of designers, research scientists, and product planners. Participants were taken through a journey designed to convince them cognitively and emotionally of the importance of a playful mindset. Talks by thought leaders, first-hand field research at top companies, immersive activities were brought together to deliver an engaging, eye-opening experience. The Creative Play workshop is being packaged for future planned workshops. 

Workshop participants immersed themselves in "creatively playful" work environments by interviewing employees at some of the top design and technology companies in the SF Bay Area. They got in touch with their own play natures by practicing "body and movement" improvisational play. 

"The opposite of play is not work, it's depression." - Brian Sutter-Smith, Play Theorist
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