New Challenges Require New Approaches

ICI is developing our capabilities
to collaborate with clients and research subjects while maintaining safe social distancing practices.
Please contact us for details.
UX strategy for TOYOTA Project YUI Tours 2020
Shedding Lights on Precious Lives
A Smile between Strangers
MoLAB - Mobility exploration
Voyage XR
Scenario planning and storyboarding of new UX
UX design strategy
Urban Utility
Redefine versatile vehicle for today's urban haulers
Navigation future concept
Casual Outdoor
Exploring a new meaning of outdoor activities
Project BLAID
An assistive wearable device for visually impaired
A Self-energizing vehicle promoting active lifestyles
Creative Play Workshop
Workshop exploring diverse forms of play
Partnership with Springtime
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Our Capabilities

Design Strategy


We collaborate with clients to envision new products, services and business models that accommodate future human needs and transform behaviors.

Holistic UX Design


We create bold, new, and integrated user experiences by focusing on people.

Digital/Physical Design 


We create bold, new integrated user experiences by focusing on people.

Creative Integration


We bring client's visions to life by leading complex, multidisciplinary projects and through creative project management.

Client Immersion


We help clients win by design through highly customized and curated engagements.



We engage, inspire and connect with the larger community on the future of Mobility.

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